SA’s Chinese ambassador accuses US of misleading the world about COVID-19 origins

A medical practitioner inspects a COVID-19 test sample.

Chinese ambassador to South Africa, Chen Xiaodong has accused the US government of misleading the world about the origins of the deadly coronavirus.

He says the US has chosen to politicise the pandemic instead of finding a solution to deal with it.

Over four million people have succumbed to COVID-19 related complications since December 2019.

China’s Wuhan province has been cited as the origin of the pandemic.

Xiaodong addressed the media virtually.

“Some US politicians are obsessed with stigmatizing the virus by associating it with certain countries and places. Those politicians also attempted and pressured WHO into conducting the so-called phase two investigation into China. In the main contact tracing they should have been best on science than US attempt to cloud evidence to incriminate China,” explains Xiaodong.

In February, the head of the expert group on the coronavirus outbreak at China’s National Health Commission, Liang Wannian, said there was no concrete evidence indicating how the coronavirus entered the Huanan seafood market in the city of Wuhan.

A team from the WHO, searching for clues about the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, spent nearly a month in Wuhan, where the disease was first identified. -SABC