Poets donate pads



POETs Vongai Monica Mujakachi  and Albert Matewe Dumisani have launched a campaign dubbed Donate a Pad and Let Her Confidence Stand to help women with sanitary pads.

Mujakachi said they would continue to accept donations even after the proposed August 29 closure date.

The campaign started early this month under Emthonjeni Women’s Forum and Youth For lnnovation Trust.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Mujakachi said they had received money or pads depending on what the donor had.

“I have always had the society at heart because this is where one is raised and giving back to it has always been my wish, however, it is a role best played together,” she said.

The Donate a Pad and Let Her Confidence Stand campaign is running until August 29 then distribution will be made, however, even after (August 29) people can still donate and the distribution will be done.”

She said after the positive response, her wish was to make the campaign an ongoing excise.

“When it comes to women there is a choice one does not make, that is menstruation and its nature. So as men and women we can both play a part in helping out and it’s also not that they all cannot afford, but it’s to make them take it off the list and focus on other things,” she said.

“It being nature, pads are needed to make the cycle comfortable of which they are not for free and not everyone can afford them. Also being a woman when you do not have them it becomes very disturbing and you lose confidence.”

Mujakachi said the campaign was also part of celebrating her birthday.

“We are starting with organisations, though I wanted it to be schools, but since they are currently closed so that will be another time,” she said.

“This can become a success through people joining hands. There are people who can afford them (pads) and are willing   to give those who cannot.”

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