‘Poetry can change perception on social issues’



ESIN, daughter to marabi music king Kiren Zulu, is set to release her second eight-track album titled Ndauya Zvachose centred on different aspects of life and religion.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style through his father, Esin said the eight-track album would hit the market when the lockdown eased.

“I am thankful to my friends and sister who provided backing vocals for the album and dances for the video of the song Sorry.

“We have been training for a long time and our hard work has finally paid off,” she said.

“The COVID-19-induced lockdown has been a blessing to me as it gave me more time to do music and perfect the album since I did not have much to do.”

Currently in primaryschool, Esin said music was not interfering with her education as she took it as pastime.

“Although music is my passion and talent, I am also taking my schoolwork seriously. I am looking forward to becoming a full-time musician after I complete my studies,” she said.

“Before I start working on my music, I always make sure that I have done my homework and studies.”

She said tracks to be featured on the album were Mwana WaMwari, Sorry, Terera Vabereki, Hushe Wekudenga and Akanga Akafa.

Esin’s father said he would help his daughter accomplish her dream.

“Esin is a talented and disciplined child and music runs in her blood such that she does not struggle to fulfil her dream. She managed to write the song titled Terera Vabereki on her own and all l had to do was to make slight corrections for her,” he said.

Zulu said he was delighted that Esin, who is registered under Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura), has been receiving royalties and airplay for her first album.

“Esin dreams of travelling to meet Yvonne Chaka Chaka one day. I am proud that she managed to shoot a video for the song Sorry supported by Bruno Mhembere, who has been supporting her.

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