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Models urged to be innovative to scale greater heights



FASHION model Billy Gutu has urged fellow models to be innovative, and create synergies with other arts bodies for job creation or sponsorship if they are to avoid falling prey to bogus promoters.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Gutu said the diversity of the modelling sector could open doors for models to survive rather than for one to depend on runways and promoters.

“Models often complain of encounters with scammers, who disguise themselves as potential sponsors. I was also once a victim of manipulation at the beginning of my career. To avoid this I think models must embrace and harness acquired skills to push for better rather than to depend on agencies, promoters and runway shows,” she said.

Gutu said models should aim to create stronger bonds with other arts bodies to advance their careers.

“The arts sector is one body with many arms and every arm is largely connected to the other. I think models should take advantage of that and link up with fashion designers, musicians, visual artists and any other arms to create employment,” he said.

“It is, therefore, easier to look for jobs or to create your own employment since a diverse array of sectors are covered. This also opens up opportunities at a global level if one is determined to do better in his or her career.”

He said the modelling industry was showing great signs of growth.

“Over the years, different types of models have emerged.

“We now have petite, catalogue, glamour, fashion, fitness, lingerie and a lot of them meaning modelling is now for everyone, despite body shape or size,” he said.

Gutu warned models to be cautious of the social media, which he said had killed careers of

“Although social media has its advantages and disadvantages, it is also not always friendly as a lot of people have failed to accomplish their goals because of criticism on different social media platforms,” he said.

“If one is to utilise technology for career advancement, they have to possess qualities of a true champion.

“If bashed for a certain post, one has to pick the ball, run with it and strike again.”

Gutu, who has participated in several contests among them Mister and Miss Valentine (2017) and Mister and Miss Winter (2018), said fashion shows, exhibitions and working with photographers alongside visual artists had been a great advantage to him.

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