How to recall dreams throughout the night


Recalling dreams is key for inducing lucid dreams. Skill in reliable dream recall demonstrates an improved state of consciousness in the dream state, closing in on the state of lucidity (since without any dream awareness, we would not be able to recall dreams that easily).

More importantly, recalled (and journaled) dreams can be used to track recurring themes, dream characters, or objects that could be used as dreamsigns to turn lucid much more quickly.

Recalling dreams forms a cornerstone in any lucid dreamer’s practice. More about main lucid dreaming techniques here

How to dream

So some people think that we actually need to learn how to dream for being able to recall dreams. We dream each and every night when asleep, whether we want to or not. We need dreams to re-activate, re-organize our developing psychology in order to mentally survive. Therefore it is much more a matter of how to recall dreams, rather than learning how to dream.

How to recall dreams

That aside, the first thing that you need to do is to get interested in dreams. Recalling dreams is actually not that difficult. Once you wake up either in the night or in the morning, immediately ask yourself “What have I just dreamt about?”. Keep lying still and keep your eyes closed, have patience. Start associating. Write down any dream or dream fragment that you are able to recall.

A great way to boost up your dream recall skills is to start keeping a dream journal. Pick a nicely designed journal that resonates with your desire to become a skilled lucid dreamer. Journal your dreams in full length, include all details. Keep your dream journal close to your bed so that once you wake up from a dream at night, you can immediately write down dream fragments that you are able to recall. Some dreamers use a notepad to jot down any dream fragments before journaling their dreams in full length the following morning or evening.

Recall dreams throughout the night

To me it works quite well to not only recall dreams in the morning, once your alarm clock goes off, but also during the night. Each time you notice that you are awake, start recalling a dream. Try to note down just a few keywords on a notepad before returning to sleep. Don’t make it too obtrusive by waking up too much … since you still need to sleep to feel rested the following morning.