Gospel musician sings for the hopeless



GOSPEL artiste Kelvin Oscar Kambalazaza (29) says his recent single Makanaka Jesu is meant to motivate and give hope to Christians who might have lost hope.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Kambalazaza said Makanaka Jesu was a dream come true, given the numerous challenges he encountered in his efforts to establish a name in the music industry.

“I wrote Makanaka Jesu from the deepest point of my heart. I once heard about Jesus, but as I was going through my life, I got to understand what He did to me,” he said.

“To me, gospel music is all about motivating people, giving hope and also preparing them for the afterlife.”

Kambalazaza said his Christian background influenced his music.

“I an fortunate that I have caring parents who disciplined and taught me to have a  relationship with Jesus Christ. As a gospel artiste, I sing what I already understand, which is inspired by my background,” he said.

“When you understand much about Christianity, you have much chances of expressing it through music.”

Kambalazaza said people should treat gospel musicians in the same manner they do to artistes of other music genres.

“People expect gospel musicians to be perfect, overlooking that they are also human beings. I faced criticism in my career as some were saying I must do circular music because that is the most paying genre,” he said.

“People often associate gospel musicians with church only, but I do not want to limit myself to that because the message must reach everyone. I want to be that type of an artiste who reaches out to all.”

Kambalazaza, who said he is inspired by South African gospel artistes, is working on a 10-track album titled Kundiso, which he believes would propel him to stardom.

He has so far released three singles titled Murarabungu, Mutsvene and Makanaka Jesu.

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