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Gabby Musica’s Genesis shows new maturity



KWEKWE- BASED hip- hop artiste Gabrielle “Gabby Musica” Kokerai has engaged the services of an array of artists across genres in her forthcoming album titled Genesis.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Gabby Musica said it is important for artists to unite and empower one another so as to improve the local arts industry.

“I have been working with all kinds of talents such as clothing brands, producers, dancers, directors and graphic designers in my hometown when making visuals for my music. This also helps in getting more exposure and attracting audiences that follow these people,” she said.

“Through such partnerships I am learning a lot from them and they are also learning something from me. I feel there is a need for artists to support each other.”

Inspired by the likes of American rapper Missy Elliot, Gabby Musica said her talent in writing and speaking prompted her to pursue rap music.

“I started music at high school where I would perform in choir competitions. I would recite poems and speeches and this motivated me to start rapping as an inspiration from Missy Elliot,” she said.

“I would perform in small school events and later after high school I recorded my first track called Fifty Shades.”

She said recording the album Genesis was to prove her seriousness in music despite the COVID-19 challenges.

“The album is a mixture of my life experience and the lives of people around me as I just felt it was time to show my level of seriousness. It is music that tells our story as Zimbabweans,” she said.

“My recording is funded from my own savings. With the work and effort, I put to gather funds and work on the music it was quite easy to record.”

The 23-year-old singer has also collaborated with local artistes across genres among them Clyde, Mannexx, DJ Nice and Themba.

“I have worked with different artiste and l do not like limiting myself to one genre. I am a hip-hop artiste, but I do try other genres because my art is diverse,” she said.

“I perfect my music through practice and watching those that inspire me. I had to put in long hours of training to master how to flow differently when rapping.”

Gabby Musica’s discography includes singles such as Yours, Get The Love, Fifty Shades and Precious. 

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