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Extended lockdown exposed fly-by-night artistes: Marabini



SEASONED Afro-pop singer Jeys Marabini says the extended COVID-19-induced lockdown has weeded out fly-by-night musicians, leaving real artistes standing their ground despite loss of income.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Marabini said being a musician was not easy as it required endurance and urged artistes to stay put in the industry.

“Being a musician is supposed to be a calling. There is money and there is no money, it’s difficult as things might not go well, but you need to be seen in the industry even though you face challenges,” he said. “Musicians will be there even after COVID-19… if you do music because of money, it will be very difficult because if you take a look at difficult situations like these, some have run away, quit to do something else.”

Marabini said he had soldiered on even though things were not well in the showbiz industry.

“I have been in the music industry for over 35 years, making music, doing music in good and bad times and I have always been there,” he said.

“I have never left the country because things are difficult, some leave the country, go to other countries, come back.… as for myself, I have never done that. I have been in Bulawayo since the launch of my music career and I have been performing all over the country, making people happy and that’s my job. The trick is to stay in power in the music industry, have patience because that is where a lot of people gauge you and see that you are a true musician”

The Jah Deliver Us hitmaker said if one was doing original music, nothing could beat them, people follow and listen to original stuff which never fades away.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown will go away at some point and real musicians will always remain. When your music stands out, you see yourself being endorsed by big companies because they trust you. I am happy that a lot of people are showing respect to my work.”

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