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City of Harare to blame for non-delivery of refuse trucks


DURING a hearing held in Parliament this week on Tuesday over the non-delivery of refuse trucks and accepting a wrong consignment of skip trucks by the City of Harare, legislators were not satisfied with the responses from council officials on the matter.

The City of Harare acknowledged that it received a wrong consignment of 10 skip trucks and 15 refuse trucks were not delivered by Mass Breed Investments.

Legislators were irked by inaction since 2017 on the part of the local authority in addressing the issue. The lawmakers were not happy because council officials did not pursue the issue of the recovery of the refuse compactors, or claim the difference in value of the wrongly supplied skip trucks and disciplinary action taken on the officials who received the wrong consignment of skip trucks.

According to the City of Harare, it commenced legal action in July 2020, but it could not avail the court case number as requested by legislators.

Despite the fact that the city fathers responded to the questions asked during the hearing, legislators were not satisfied with the responses, prompting the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee to schedule another physical hearing on the matter.

The Combined Harare Residents Association, Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development and Young Volunteers for Environment petitioned Parliament in 2020 after they failed to get answers through countless engagements with the local authority.

This comes when the local authority is failing to collect refuse because it has a depleted fleet of refuse
trucks. –CHRA Information Department

ZCTU fighting a losing battle


ITH some parts of the world beginning to return to normalcy after a brutal attack by COVID-19, it is time countries did away with punitive measures that were meant to curb the spread of the

It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that vaccination is  the way out of the COVID-19 conundrum.

In some European counties, soccer fans are now being allowed into stadiums  because they have been vaccinated — their countries have achieved herd immunity.

I was disappointed to hear that Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) had taken government to court for violation of workers’ rights by forcing them to take COVID-19 vaccines.

I heard ZCTU is alleging that its an abuse of human rights for government to order workers in public sector  to be vaccinated or they stop reporting for work. The ZCTU should realise that a right ceases to be a right if it infringes the right of another person.

I suggest that ZCTU stop working against government efforts to achieve herd immunity.

Instead, ZCTU should be at the forefront of mobilising and encouraging its members to get vaccinated.

We urge government not to listen to this attention-seeking court application.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa should use all the powers vested in him to make sure that everyone eligible to be vaccinated receives the jab so that Zimbabwe can return to normalcy.  ZCTU is fighting a losing battle. –Isaac Mupinyuri

ED pretends to be a listening leader

SOON after President Emmerson Mnangagwa was inaugurated in 2018, he embarked on an offensive to meet various stakeholders in Zimbabwe such as chiefs, churches and many others.

He also met with institutions of higher education officials. One would have thought he asked the leaders of the institutions of higher learning the challenges they were facing in order to appreciate the nature of their problems.

If he had asked the right questions and listened carefully, one of the challenges he would have been told of was the inability of students to pay fees.

Since he claims he wants to develop Zimbabwe’s human capital base, he would have come up with an emergency plan to ensure students who qualify to go to universities and colleges can access higher education.

Today, my family is failing to raise $47 000 needed for my brother to go to college, because we are all unemployed. Does Mnangagwa really think he will get my family’s vote?

Mnangagwa pretends he is a listening President, yet in reality he is not. He is a cheat, who wants his audience to believe him. How many times has Mnangagwa gone abroad and addressed Zimbabweans and was told of the need for those in the diaspora to vote? And what has he done about it?

He has simply said the Zimbabweans in the diaspora will not vote without even trying to explore ways in which they could vote. All Zimbabweans abroad should tell their families not to vote for Mnangagwa, who denies them their constitutional right to vote.

I also encourage all students at institutions of higher learning to encourage their families to vote against Zanu PF, which is causing them so much suffering. A new government will find ways of ensuring that everyone has access to higher education.

All Mnangagwa is good at is consolidating power at all costs. He is avoiding by-elections under the guise of COVID-19 because he knows his party will lose dismally.

He has butchered the Constitution to consolidate his power.

He doesn’t care about those who fail to access higher education, because for him, there are already enough unemployed graduates, a situation caused by a government he was part of, holding the powerful position of Vice-President in the latter years.

In 2023, let us all vote Mnangagwa out. –KK




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