A Case Sealer & A Case Erector – What is the Difference? – All You Need to Know!


A case sealer and a case erector are both used for packaging, specifically industrial packaging. If the packaging is not done properly, the contents of the package may fall out during transportation or delivery. Likewise, if the contents inside are fragile, and if not packed properly, they may fall out and get damaged.

This is why it is very important to secure your package before you take it anywhere or ship it off. When packaging is done at an industrial level, proper equipment must be bought for every stage. This article will learn about the difference between a case sealer and a case erector and which one is right for you!

A case sealer

A case sealer is used to secure and seal cartons and packages in the packaging stage when all the contents are inside the box and are ready to be transported. Once the package has been secured, it can then be shipped. Case sealers come in two different options. These are Semi-automatic case sealers and fully automatic case sealers.


Semi-automatic case sealers are the first option you can choose from. These require a little bit of human labor. They require a human to open and close the flaps of the package. Semi-automatic case sealers will only convey packages that have been pre-closed. This case sealer will then seal the package closed.

Fully automatic

Fully automatic case sealers are much more independent. They convey the package themselves, close both the minor and the major flaps of the package, and then automatically seals the package closed, without the need for human intervention.


Quality matters!

It is very important to invest in a good case sealer. Before you buy one, make sure it is durable. If it is not, it may shake or violently wobble around while the tape is being applied to the package. This may cause an accident or may cause either the case sealer or the box to fall. The tape head or tape applicator much also be accessible.

This is the heart of the case sealer machine. If an issue occurs and the tape head needs maintenance, it must be easy to remove it to be repaired. If it is not, the entire machine may go to waste, and you will have to buy a whole new case sealer.

This may even end up costing you more than it would have if you had just invested in a high-quality case sealer at the start! If the tape head is fixed in place, it may take hours to fix the issue that would have just taken minutes, in contrast, and you will lose precious packaging time. Be careful; time is money!

Case Erector

A case erector, in essence, is just a box maker. The machine takes a cardboard box that is folded and erects it (as the name suggests), so that contents can fit inside. It squares up the box, seals the bottom of the box, and gets it ready to carry things inside.

High-quality case erectors

If you invest in a good quality case erector, it will make you a perfect box basically every time you insert cardboard into it. Good quality machines will be able to assemble boxes that are of poor quality, recycled boxes, or used boxes. This is a great advantage as it can help you save on money so that you will not be using new stock every time. Some high-quality case erectors do not allow you to input a box that is of lower quality.


Using a case erector is of great benefit to a business. On average, a person would take around 20 seconds to put together a folded cardboard box. If you give the same box to the case erector, it will be done in around 7 seconds, and that is the maximum time. If you invest in a higher-quality case erector, it will take even less time. It will help you put your boxes together much quicker, and the labor cost will decrease by two-thirds too, so in essence, using a case erector is much more cost-effective than hiring a paid employee to do the same work.


When you go to buy a case erector, keep your needs, requirements, and budget in mind. There are various brands that produce all types of case erectors. You should spend some time and find the one that suits your business the best. Let us take the example of speed.

How important is speed to you? There are case erectors on the market that can erect ten boxes a minute, and there are case erectors on the market that go up to 30 boxes per minute. You need to work out your demand and supply and decide which one is the best fitting for your business. Make sure the case erector you buy is from a reliable company and is safe and easy to use.

The similarity between case sealer and case erector

There is a similarity between the two in that they both are used in relation to packaging boxes, and they both are used in the industrial sector.

The difference between the two

A case erector is one of the early activities or processes that happen early on. A case sealer is one of the last things that is going to happen to a box that is being filled with contents and shipped off. It is much more downstream in the process chain, as it closes the minor and major flaps at the end and applies the tape once the contents have been put into the box. In contrast, case erectors are used in the start to erect the boxes so that they can be filled with the contents and then sealed later on for extra security.


Both case sealers and case erectors will prepare your boxes to be shipped off to their destinations without the box opening and the contents falling out. They both help drastically decrease transportation damage that can occur during the simplest movements or steps. With no damage, there will be no delay, and your customers can reach their shipping deadlines. Both these machines will ultimately satisfy your customers.