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“World’s smallest” dwarf cow draws crowds in Bangladesh


Hundreds of people recently have been rushing to Rani, a 20-inch tall dwarf cow at a farm in Savar on the outskirts of Bangladesh capital Dhaka.
The 23-month Rani, or Queen, was bought by Shikor Agro Industries Limited from another farm in Bangladesh’s northwestern Naogaon district about a year ago. The 26-inch long, 26-kg weigh cow has been applied for the Guinness Book of Records, with its owner claiming it to be the world’s smallest cow. The current world record holder, the smallest cow from Indian state Kerala, is nearly 24.1 inches tall, said Tanvir Hasan, manager of the company. “Our veterinarians have confirmed that Rani has two teeth already and is now 23 months old. She will not grow anymore,” he said.
Md Mamun is a cowherd at the dairy farm, who has been taking care of Rani for 11 months.”Rani is the most distinct type of cow, but it interacts with other cows,” he said. “All other cows eat more food but Rani eats not much. Every day she eats 100 grams of food grains in the morning and 100 grams of food grains in the afternoon.” “Rani is bathed every morning and cleansed in the afternoon, as she would be annoyed if there is dirt,” Mamun said, adding that Rani especially likes to be with people. “I have a close relationship with her, my presence makes her always happy and I like to serve her very much,” he added.
Kamrul Hasan, director of the Signature Group, said since Rani came to their farm they have been handling a lot of visitors. “We are giving the opportunity to the visitors to see Rani in accordance with the health rules during the epidemic, every day from noon to four in the afternoon.” Some visitors even offered to buy the cow for sacrificing in the upcoming Muslim festival of animal sacrifice, Eid al-Adha, at as much as 1500,000 takas (about 17,000 U.S. dollars), the dairy farm officials said, adding that they have rejected.To curb the virus transmission, Bangladesh imposed a strict one-week COVID-19 lockdown on July 1, which has subsequently been extended till July 14. – Xinhua

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