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Top actor turns to filmmaking



AWARD-winning actor David Kanduna says he is spreading his artistic wings to movie production and directing, launching his new journey with a short movie titled 8 hours, which he premiered on his YouTube channel recently.

Apart from starring in local dramas such as Muzita Rababa, Maoko Matema and Kuchina the Genesis, Kanduna has also featured in a number of commercial advertisements and theatre productions.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Kanduna said he had embraced multi-tasking so that he could survive in the underpaying film industry.

“I am branching out to be an independent actor, film editor, director and producer. Specialising in one field is okay, but from my experience, it might not be convenient, especially in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“There are several works in the pipeline and I am planning to go regional. I have partnered with a local brand management company and I feel in a few months, people will start noticing the changes.”

Kanduna said resilience was the backbone of his career, adding that acting was a passion he had perfected for sustenance.

“Acting has taken me to several forums and has opened many doors for me. My input using these platforms has helped to influence people’s perceptions. The trick is to be a flexible person who is easy to work with,” he said.

“I have invested in my craft and have done everything I could to better myself in my career. I learnt to be resilient, humble and also minding how I treat fellow filmmakers as they are the ones who enable you to get the next job.”

Kanduna’s talent has not gone unnoticed. In 2018, he was nominated for the best actor category at the Youth In Action in Namibia and won Gweru’s Glam Awards in the same year.

“I might not be where I want to be, but I feel I am now in a better position to reach my goals. I was lucky to have pursued acting at an early stage. I had to endure multiple audiences, some which were fruitless until I started networking with producers and directors,” he said.

“Being rewarded for the work I have done feels great, getting recognition is also good for my profile, it is not a validation, but it adds a bit of weight to what I do. Acting is an inborn thing and I am considering taking some classes to mould the talent further.”

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