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Msiz’kay sings to inspire social change in society



AWARD-winning singer Sizalobuhle “Msiz’kay” Nkomo says he seeks to bring social change in society through his compositions as well as participation in various community outreach and development programmes.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, Msiz’kay, who recently won the Cite for Change Competition meant to encourage artistes to record songs on social change, said he was determined to highlight issues that affected society through his music.

“I believe in social responsibility and singing about the issues that affect my community as my way of impacting change in society,” he said.

“My participation in the Cite for Change competition with my song Isencane Lingane and winning has made me more determined than ever to compose more music that tackles social issues that helps to uplift the community.”

He said the winning song (Isencane Lingane) talks about the dangers of plunging into sexual activities and encourages the youth, especially young girls, to wait until they are old enough to understand the consequences of indulging in premarital sex.

Msiz’kay believes his distinct sound and songwriting skills set him apart from other musicians.

“I am a pioneer of my own style of music that I call Something Afro, which fuses hip-hop and RnB with various traditional African music elements to come up with a unique sound designed to appeal to people from all walks of life,” he said.

“Also, my songwriting skills distinguish me as an artiste. In future, I would love to collaborate more and experiment with different genres so that I can give my fans a great musical experience everytime.”

Msiz’kay said the late Joe Maseko, Sandra Ndebele and Simon Mambazo Phiri helped to nurture him to be the musician he is today.

“My musical journey was not an easy one. I have been fortunate to meet amazing artistes and producers who have helped me find my voice and my sound,” he said.

“Being awarded the Best Alternative Sound at the Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards (2018), Best Male Artist at Skyz Metro music awards (2019) and Bulawayo Arts Awards (2020), respectively and Best Video award for AsipheliMoya (2021) at Zimbabwe Music Awards is such an honour for me.”

Msiz’kay, who has two albums Bazovuma (2017) and Bayashiselwa (2019) and a couple of singles under his sleeve, said he was working on another single titled Ngokwakithi  Lokhu.

“The goal is to inspire the world through music, not only entertaining, but touching people’s lives. My forthcoming single Ngokwakithi Lokhu tells a story of knowing yourself, who you are and where you come from,” he said.

“Through the song, I would like to share a message about accepting and being proud of your roots, showing off your heritage, character and talent to the world.”

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