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Fight for hip-hop king ‘tag’



BULAWAYO- BASED award winning rapper Peter “MUSE” Chester has waded into dancehall singer Enzo Ishall and award-winning hip-hop sensation Mukudzei “Holy Ten” Chitsama lyrical war saying there is no hip-hop king.

Enzo Ishall and Holy Ten recently have been in a lyrical battle as they tried to prove who was sitting at the throne of the genre.

The Bad Habits singer told NewsDay Life & Style that the beef and contestation between Enzo Ishall and Holy Ten is an illusion that exists in everyone who thinks is the king of hip-hop.

“It is all an illusion. There is nothing to claim beside a little bit of clout from time to time. True kings need to lead. Lead not for accolades or recognition or anything in return, but for something bigger and better than themselves,” he said.

“When we talk of kings, we are talking about 10 summers of hits, year in year out. Complete packaged records that are accompanied by visuals, press releases, tours, radio play, club play, street play, merchandise, and also what they do outside of the music. No one is doing that on that level yet.”

MUSE said the current state of local hip-hop is free for everyone to make it big if only they have a good team around them and if they approach the industry strategically.

“The state of hip- hop right now is amazing. There are so many opportunities for any artist to succeed. We can always cry about gatekeepers, this and that, but, the thing is, every artist has access to the same digital platforms as the next,” he said.

“Stop complaining, the opportunities will come to you when you work. Everyone and their cousin have some kind of a bedroom studio. Take your time. Make some quality music. Build a small team and put a proper strategy together.

“As for the self-titled kings, let’s stop with the clout chasing and start to lead. Let’s not cover the path behind us, keep it open and give the advice. I say give it because no one can execute the same way you did with your knowledge. Everybody else, let’s abuse the internet the same way our international counterparts do and leverage our positions.”

The Bulawayo born MUSE relocated to Pennsylvania at the age of six, where he fell in love with music before making a return to Zimbabwe where he is running the Balcony Music Studio.

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