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Faith-based body condemns Chitrest’s Kuvheya abuse


By Staff Reporter

A faith-based organisation that agitates for justice, Zimbabwe Divine Destiny (ZDD) has castigated the abuse and torture on executive director of Chitungwiza Residents Trust (CHITREST), Alice Kuvheya after she challenged illegal demolitions by central government recently.

ZDD in a statement today said the Constitution guaranteed protection of human rights and freedoms, yet the State was the biggest perpetrator.

“It is a constitutional right in Zimbabwe and beyond to challenge the government when it errs. What has been a worrying trend in Zimbabwe lately is the method of policing that does not uphold citizens’ rights even when arrested. It does appear as though legally challenging the actions of the State has grave consequences on citizens and human rights defenders.

“Unfortunately, the case of Alice Kuvheya shows that a recourse to legal channels is still punishable by inhumane and degrading treatment in violation of the United Nations Convention against   torture,” the statement read.

Kuvheya was arrested last month for allegedly recording a video which she posted on social media encouraging residents and informal business traders in Chitungwiza to resist demolitions of their market stalls by Chitungwiza Municipality.

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