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Comedian Chigubu bounces back



BULAWAYO-BASED award-winning comedian Clive Chigubu is back in the limelight through producing sketch comedy (skit) shows under Bulawayo Broadcasting from the Chambers (BBC) which has become a latest virtual entertainment platform.

Chigubu and Ntando Moyo founded the first Bulawayo’s comedy club, Umahlekisa, having realised the potential of stand-up comedy that was growing in other cities with nothing being done in Bulawayo, despite having great comedians.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Chigubu said he had taken a break for self-introspection in line with his craft.

“I took a break to search for my deeper meaning into this art work, to have that uniqueness on stage and off stage, realising how many lives we have touched with this work and this means God has a purpose with it,” he said.

He said through the BBC online show, he comically narrated local news and current affairs faced by Zimbabweans and the world.

“Our audience is always online these days. These are the platforms that attract the corporate sector, brand advertising and indeed that is generally the best and safest way since the lockdown,” he said.

“The experience has been hectic because for me to do skirts of high quality I need proper equipment in terms of camera and lighting. It has been fun though doing it and the skirts are available on my YouTube channel.”

Chigubu has bemoaned the COVID-19-induced nation lockdown and how it had affected his sources of income.

“Private functions feed our families, now weddings and gatherings are closed. During the early stages when events were allowed, it was possible to get two or three gigs a week during wedding season,” he said.

“We are now back to zero with the strict COVID-19 regulations in the city. It is really difficult, I think not only in the comedy sector, but events in general, since this is an industry that caters for not only comics, but poster designers, sound engineers and agents who sell tickets.”

Chigubu has encouraged up-and-coming comedians to be serious and respect their work.

“Lack of female comedians has been a serious void that needs to be filled, we need such women to be there. We are willing to teach and shape such artists,” he said.

“Artists first need to have passion, skill is needed since comedy is not a joke. On your way up challenges will be faced as they is no success without challenges. Work harder and you will make it.”

Chigubu said in about half a decade, his goal was to be the best comedian to have ever emerged in Bulawayo. “To become a purposeful artist is the goal again to see the BBC being produced properly. It becomes a TV show and you watch the space where Clive is new and fuels Chigubu,” he said.

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