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Business tycoon survives COVID-19, donates towards ‘healing medicine’


WEST Properties Chairman Ken Sharpe on Friday said he had survived the ravaging Covid-19 Delta variant together with his wife before handing over US$50 000 to the government which he said can be used to purchase the drug that helped them recover.

Speaking during the handover ceremony at State House on Friday, Sharpe said people should remain vigilant and urged the private sector continue supporting government’s Covid-19 strategy response.

Several companies including contractors working on the Beitbridge road, Sakunda Holdings are among other private players that also donated towards the fight.

“Before talking about our donation I would like to share a personal story. Recently, me and  my wife recovered from the Delta variant which is far more aggressive than the previous ones as we have all seen here during the very dangerous third wave,” he said.

“It is a fact that I had been vaccinated and I believe as you can see I am a strong man in good health of just under 50 years of age.  However,  even having observed all the COVID-19 protocols of social distancing,  without the assistance of the medicine that I took and prayers of healing from my heavenly father I am not sure I would be standing here today.”

“The medicine that really provided the necessary healing is called lvermectin which is now registered and approved for use in Zimbabwe. I have also noticed that the retailers in the medical industry are selling these tablets for up to US$6 each.  However, l have been assured we can buy them for less than 17 cents and therefore with our donation today of US$50,000 we will be able to purchase no less than 297,000 tablets which equates to a value at $6 per tablet of almost $3 million savings for the country from our small donation.”

He said the private sector has a responsibility to step in and assist the government in combating the menacing COVID-19 pandemic.

The government has conceded that they are now overwhelmed with new deaths and infections and recently responded with a tighter Lockdown Level 4 that has seen the banning of inter-city travels.

Accepting the donation, president Emmerson Mnangagwa said: “My Government stands ready to welcome similar support from other corporates, individuals, organisations and development partners as we scale up our fight against the pandemic.”

The number of fatalities and infections has soared significantly in the last few weeks with a record number of 102 deaths recorded on Friday alone.

West Properties Zimbabwe, Sharpe said, they are inspired by their vision to become the leading customer centric private developer of exceptional properties in Zimbabwe.

“We are convinced that Zimbabwe is ‘open for business’ and we believe we can make the country.”

He said Harare City Council has approved their development in Borrowdale for over 1000 flats and will continue with their mission to build more than 6000 residential units in Harare North.

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