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5 best tips to help you write a perfect essay


If you are a student, you have probably encountered many essays during your entire educational journey. And the more you progress in your studies, you will encounter more write-ups that are more complicated than the previous ones you already did. Writing a good essay takes a lot of practice and experience. You will have to apply different techniques and strategies to say that your writing skills are at their peak. To help achieve your goals in writing a flawless piece of text, here are some tips for essay writing you can use in your next write-up. 

Choose an excellent topic 

Choosing an excellent topic is as hard as producing a perfect essay. A case should be interesting for the audience. It cannot be too simple that it will make the reading process dull. It cannot also be too complex that the readers cannot understand the content of the paper. If your target audience is the general public, avoid specialized topics that are only understandable by exclusive groups. But, if you want to share it, make sure that you use simple and easy-to-understand words. Using technical terms will not help you prove your point. If you have a hard time deciding on a topic, you can list it and narrow it down. You can include factors such as use of research materials or their relevance to your field of study. This way, you can easily choose a topic that will benefit you and your audience. 

Have a clear structure 

Write a great essay by following the basic structure of writing. When you write an essay, you cannot write every idea you have aimlessly. You have to present them in a logical manner, and for you to do that, you must be familiar with the basic structure of writing an essay. An essay has three major components: The introduction, main body, and conclusion. 


Your essay begins with an introduction. This is the part where you try to get the attention of your readers. There are various techniques you can use to start your essay. You can use a quote from famous personalities, and you can narrate a short story relating to your topic. Whatever strategies you use, your introduction must lead to stating your main subject and overview of your essay. 

In the latter part of the introduction, you must present your thesis statement. This is composed of two to three sentences and gives your audience a brief overview of the topic, your main arguments, why your points are correct, and who the essay is addressed to. 

Main body

For a standard essay, the body comprises two to three paragraphs containing the details for your content. This is where you present your arguments that make your claim to be valid. To make this part more credible, backup resources that will support your claim. You can include data gathered from academic publications, journals, and research papers for more substantial evidence. 


The last part of your essay is the conclusion. This is the part where you recall your key points and summarize them. You have to restate it to your audience so that they leave an impact on them. Make sure to close your essay with strong words to make your point clear and persuade your audience that your arguments are correct. 

Be creative and original 

Your writing should also reflect your personality, your ideas, and thoughts. You can develop your writing style this way, and people can feel and understand the point you want to convey. By giving a part of yourself in your writing, you will be able to touch your audience’s emotional side, which will help persuade them easier. Restating or rewording previous work of other authors will not get you, readers. Even if you are doing the same topic, give them something new and something to watch out for. Express the contents of your paper from your point of view. Having a different perception and understanding of things does not make you wrong. It opens up more possibilities for learning and discovery.

Write clearly 

Writing a perfect essay does not only mean following the grammar rules, having correct spelling, and using proper punctuations. It can also depend on how you present your content in writing. Many people want to sound intelligent and superior, so they use flowery words and technical terminologies. The purpose of an essay is to present or reason out your ideas concisely and straightforwardly. If you use words that are hard to understand by the general public, you will not achieve the purpose of your writing. You can make the same impact by using simple words. 

Additionally, going straight to the point, including anecdotes in the main body, is unnecessary when presenting your findings or arguments. Lay it out plainly and straightforward; people are most keen to read what you want to tell them, rather than knowing what you did to know the things you want to say to them. 

Finish your essay

Write like you mean it. When you write an essay, commit your time to finish your entire paper. You take mini breaks between your writing process but do not let your essay sit on your desk unfinished for a day or two. When you halt and leave it for another day, the flow of ideas will not go smoothly. You will tend to forget the essential things, especially if you fail to take notes. It will lessen your time to do necessary things. Writing the entirety of your paper is not the end of the writing process. You will need more than one draft before you achieve its perfection. It would be best if you still had time to proofread and edit your mistakes. Even professional writers go through this step to ensure the quality of your work, and so should you. 

These are the essential essay tips for writing an excellent essay. As you continue to develop your writing skill, you will encounter different techniques and strategies in writing. You adapt one that is suitable for your writing style. In the beginning, absorb, learn and discover things slowly and work your way up to the top. Continue to write, even if no one else is reading your work, and in a few years, coming up with a perfect essay for you will be as easy as eating pie. 

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