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Rising Afro singer lashes at big artistes



AFRO fusion artiste Carlos Chiponda has said some established artistes  are killing rising singers  dreams through stealing their compositions and getting away with it without being punished.

“I really wish that popular artiste would contribute and mentor upcoming musicians. Many at times those with big names take advantage of us .You record a song they hear it and steal it, and they make money from your hard work,” he said.

“What is disappointing is you never get credit for it and if you try to claim the song many will question you why that person would steal a song from you.”

Chiponda who drew inspiration from the late music super star and hero Oliver Mtukudzi said up and coming musicians are failing to market and sell their music as the society gives an ear to established artistes.

“It seems that these days music is judged by who sang the song rather than what it communicates which is why we are failing to market our music. We compose, record and release songs, but there is no one who listens to it except our family and friends,” he said.

“We are told that we should be patient to make it, but the truth is sometimes that breakthrough will never come. People are only following music from popular musicians which have destroyed us as upcoming artistes.”

Chiponda has alleged that established artistes are killing young people’s dreams.

He has bemoaned lack of airplay.

“Airplay is one challenge that will always stand in the way of upcoming artistes. I did a song called Corona which I believe if put out there many will appreciate the  message, but l have not gotten the chance for  many to listen to it,” he said.

“Music is my passion, but these challenges are really weighing on me. I really wish someone would mentor me and promote my music. I have an album called Zunde Ramambo (2020) which I really want to put out there.”

He said songs on his album are  title track Zunde Ramambo , Nzira Tsvene, Chido Chenyu Mambo, Mweya Wangu Nyengetera, Moto featuring Prosper, Kunobuda Nezuva featuring Jerry Man, CoronaShaina featuring Lady Bee, Dande featuring Twin Lion and Mweya Wangu.

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