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Model fights youths drug abuse through fitness training



LOCAL award-winning fitness trainer and commercial model Tawanda Uladi says he is on a mission to encourage the youths to embrace fitness training and stay away from drug abuse. Uladi says he wants to educate communities on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.


I have been in the modelling industry since 2016. Everything has been going on well despite challenges like finances and recognition as many people despise up-and-coming models.

As for me, I have made progress, winning awards and I am enjoying my current title, which is the Best Fitness Model in Zimbabwe.


My fitness appearance, which is the good shape and balanced body, brings out the uniqueness of the products offered by these brands which is what actually qualified me into the industry. Working with people needs the right attitude which is something I have as I am hardworking, easy to work with, and a sense of humour.


My strong passion for fitness has been a great inspiration to the commencement of my modelling career. My teammates and manager support me.


Gym activities reduce the intake of drugs and they are also prohibited in the modelling industry.

My vision is to contribute to the fight against drug abuse through gym activities that help those that have been abusing them to rehabilitate.

I also want to change the way people look at male models so that they begin to appreciate that male models are equal to the task just like their female counterparts. As a top male model, my dream is to partner with international corporate businesses and taking part in fitness competitions.

Fitness benefits

Physical fitness is known for its health benefits of strengthening muscles and the immune system which increases the good functioning of the body’s metabolic activities. The body’s good health increases one’s lifespan and decreases the signs of ageing.


Society generally believes  that modelling is for females, so they get more attention than males in the industry that is why we end up having fewer competitions than our counterparts. Jobs and brand advertisements are mainly for females. Nowadays we no longer have sponsors and it is disadvantageous that at competitions, many models end up without money, but only titles. The assumption that male models are gay also destroys confidence of the male models. Due to this, we often fail to commit. At times failing to identify the right business partnership can also make one give up in this sector.

Role of social media

Social media has contributed a lot to my modelling career such that I get brands which need marketing. It is also contributing a lot to my career, especially the comments both positive and negative which I use to improve my work.


I am the chief brand ambassador for Jerome Wear Zimbabwe, Royal Designs Apparel, Brand ambassador at Muscle Rage Supplements, Zimbabwe Models, vice-president at TelOne Modelling Club, Commercial model at Sapphie Media and Life Fitness Gym trainer. Working with different brands has been fair, although some companies refuse to pay for the work done in promoting their brands.


I was the Best Fitness Model (2019), Life Fitness first position (2019), and Sports Model GS CLASSIC fourth place in 2020.

Prime achievement

I have been awarded the Best Fitness Model in Zimbabwe and was Mr Zimbabwe finalist 2019-2020. I will always remember being nominated at the Glam Awards at a very young age, which was my first ever nomination in modelling.

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