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Actor laments lack of support for film industry



Film producer and actor Joseph “Jaysome” Marikano (27) has lamented lack of appreciation and support for the film industry as it continues to struggle without sponsorship.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, Jaysome said there was need for positive change in growing the sector.

“Being an actor in Zimbabwe is difficult because not everyone appreciates talent and the effort that most actors put in, probably explaining why we fail to get sponsorship,” he said.

“Discrimination is another issue that has killed the industry as one has to belong to a certain group of people in order to get roles. If you do not worship them they do not give you roles no matter how talented you are.”

Jaysome said although talent was not recognised, there was a need for actors to shape themselves professionally.

“I pray for a skilled industry where talent is respected not being used all for the name of exposure.

“Passion pushes me to do better and is the reason why I need to see development in the film industry,” he said.

“I cannot completely blame injustices because it is not everyone that is after using actors.

“There are still schools and places actually helping actors shape themselves which I encourage all aspiring actors to attend.”

Jaysome said passion for film had been the driving force behind his consistency in the industry from the time he launched his career.

“Being at Zimbabwe Theatre Academy has been educational and beneficial to my career as the knowledge I gained enabled me to secure many roles in films which many had their eyes on,” he said.

“I had my first movie breakthrough when I was casted to play a victim in a cult and politically-driven movie called Overspill.”

Apart from casting in both local drama series and films, he has also been a producer and director of films under themes of mental health and the struggles society face.

“In 2017 I went on a theatrical tour with a theatre show called Being A Slave where I played the lead role.

“In 2018, I landed the role of Enock in a local drama series called Marbles after outdoing 25 other actors who were also vying for the same role during auditions,” he said.

“I live for art and art alone. In the coming years I will be the biggest thing in Zimbabwe, sometimes I feel like I am the next Arnold Chirisa (who is playing his trade in Hollywood).

Jaysome said he was working on a web series project he wrote called Blurred, adding that he was also acting under Media Expression and Jaysome Marikano pictures that focused on the issues of mental health.

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