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Sandra urges artists to diversify



BULAWAYO songbird Sandra “Sandy” Ndebele-Sibindi has urged fellow artistes to diversify for income generation and not dwell on showbiz alone especially during this difficult time caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ndebele-Sibindi took to her social media platforms (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter) last week where she posted a motivational clip.

“Personally I think it’s high time people start diversifying, let’s diversify, let’s open a lot of income streams, let’s not dwell more on our craft,” she said.

“All the doors are closed, especially with us …..I have got a suggestion if there is anyone who is willing to teach us how   to mine, how to do farming…. please educate us, we are here.”

In a follow-up interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Ndebele-Sibindi said she had to start selling chickens after she saw that singing alone does not pay her bills.

“I think it’s time for people to diversify, for me as a musician waiting for royalties can’t pay my bills,” she said.

“The messages we receive day in day out from people asking for help, for a mealie meal are too much, but if we have different income streams, it becomes better because if one stream becomes dry, you will definitely know that you can lean on the other side.”

She said there is no green light for the music industry which has remained closed since the outbreak of coronavirus in March last year reducing artistes into abject poverty.

“If you look at it, all other chambers have been opened, but our chamber is not open, all bars are not open, I am not talking about myself only, I am speaking of other people that benefit through music who are not working,” she said.

“So come to think of it, it’s so difficult for people who do catering in weddings, provide entertainment at weddings, us artistes and event planners, everyone is suffering so this is the reason why I am saying people should diversify.”

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