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Poet Chikoki launches anthology



RISING female poet, Morethanks Chikoki launched her debut anthology titled The Duality of Tears last weekend in Harare.

Chikoki told NewsDay Life & Style that the anthology tells a miserable life experience of Liana from her childhood to adulthood.

The Duality of Tears tells the miserable life experiences of Liana from her childhood to adulthood. Although she is very passionate about fulfilling her dream to become a lawyer, misfortunes befall her,” she said.

“She (Liana) describes a series of sad events transpiring after the death of her father which affects herself, her brother Lesley, her sister Leona and her mother to the marrow.

“These events can be classified thematically into rape, child abuse, murder, poverty and violation of human rights.

“Liana swims in an ocean of misery to the extent of living on the streets and loses all of her family members. As the story unfolds, we get to know the value of determination, righteousness and hard work when it comes to pursuing dreams.”

“Although she sheds tears of sorrow as she grows up, Liana manages to subdue all situations moving her to the edge of extinction and becomes successful. Success, therefore, makes her shed tears of joy, hence the title The Duality of Tears.”

Chikoki said she wanted to be an author since the age of 11 after being inspired by novels like Tambaoga Mwanangu, Jekanyika and Rovambira, among others.

“I started writing stories in 2017, but would eventually put them aside whenever I went back to college,” she said.

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