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Play to portray King Lobengula’s disappearance



CO-FOUNDER and director at Centre for Talent Development (CTD) Thabani Moyo has developed a script for a play titled Bayethe Nkosi which will portray King Lobengula and his mysterious disappearance.

Moyo told NewsDay Life & Style that he enjoyed writing plays based on history.

“I have always considered myself as a playwright and I like writing scripts based on our history as a people. I have just finished the Bayethe Nkosi script that narrates the final battles that involved King Lobengula and his disappearance,” he said.

“I have one or two successful scripts and I am hoping that this one (Bayethe Nkosi) will do well. For example, I adapted Umbiko Kamadlenya for stage and it came out well, it’s one of the best shows to grace Zimbabwean theatre.”

Moyo said the Bayethe Nkosi concept was conceived by Nkosikhona Ndlovu and Matesu Dube and they were yet to discuss when they would play on the stage.

“I am to have a conversation with Ndlovu and Dube with the view of putting up the show around September this year. I am passionate about theatre work, so I always keep myself occupied and have devoted myself to helping the up-and-coming writers,” he said.

“My biggest challenge is to find myself doing nothing, so I am always out looking for ideas and collaborations. I have devoted my life to nurturing talent that later blossoms into the mainstream.”

Moyo said he gained a lot of experience from the School of Playwrights and Actors Academy which pushed him to start the Centre For Talent Development and he is also managing Tish Malaba’s project Igazi Labafo.

“Because of my love for theatre, I joined the mainstream and created friendships with Styx Mhlanga, Nelson Mapako and Josh Nyapimbi in which I gained a lot of experience.

“I have respect for Tish Malaba because he is funding the project from his pocket and my hope is that Bayethe Nkosi will also find funders.”

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