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Mpopoma residents decry broken sewage



Residents in ward 9 Mpopoma Bulawayo have pleaded with the Bulawayo City Council to attend to broken down sewer system in the area to avoid a possible outbreak of waterborne diseases.

“The sewage water is flooding the area. We ask the council to fix the sewer problems as soon as possible,” said Portia Ndebele, one of the residents in Mpopoma.

Pamela Mpala said she usually sells vegetables from home but because sewer has flooded the front of her house.

“The smell is also unbearable. The environment is no longer safe for our children because sewer is flowing everywhere. We kindly plead with council to attend to the problem because with the way things are going, we may be inviting diseases such as cholera in our homes,” said Mpala.

Ward 9 acting councillor Frank Javangwe said the council will forward the grievances to the engineering department responsible for fixing the sewer system.

“We spoke to the engineering department last year when we had sewer problems in Matshobane-Mpopoma. They have since been working to rectify the problem. However, the repairs require a lot of money to be fixed as they might need replacement of pipes,” he said.

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