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Misred launches book



POPULAR radio and television personality Samantha “Misred” Musa on Tuesday launched her debut book titled Be Faithful To Your Happiness.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, Misred said the book was about a journey of self-discovery and the decision to be in control of your happiness.

Be Faithful To Your Happiness is a self-journey that I took and decided one day that I wanted to be intentional about my happiness. It started from there because a lot of times, we believe that it is something that is external, but it is actually internal and that is where my story begins,” she said.

“Everyone is entitled to happiness, which the book guides on how to be faithful to it. I am hoping that with this book that is where your story begins to unfold. At some point, I didn’t want my happiness to be a guessing game for anyone and that pursuit to find the answers is what led to the

Misred said for a long time happiness to her was a fleeting concept.

“We are living in crazy times. Our generation is probably going through the most in terms of our emotions. You hear so many stories of people not being able to cope simply because everything is now microscopic,” she said.

“We are dealing with the internet, where everything is fast and moving at a crazy rate, so you need to take a moment to just inhale and exhale. Remember that happiness is very much something that each and everyone of us can have. I am still on a journey and I am learning to be faithful to my happiness.”

Misred added: “Be Faithful To Your Happiness is a life manual when faced with hardships. It also talks about being faithful to a process and finding beauty in the obvious. The book guides you in some of the things that you will be feeling, like you know really hard.

“You can throw it on your coffee table, on your desk in your library, beside your bed and read it before you go to sleep. I hope that you are encouraged and you realise that you deserve to be happy, but not only that, it is okay to want to be happy.”

She said the book would be sold on her website and in stores around Zimbabwe.

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