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Marry remanded on her hospital bed



VICE-PRESIDENT Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife Marry Mubaiwa yesterday failed to appear in court due to illness and was remanded on her hospital bed to June 29 .

Mubaiwa faces several allegations, including that she attempted to murder the VP, as well as money-laundering charges.

She is battling lymphedema, which has resulted in her sustaining swollen legs and hands, and is admitted at a private hospital in Harare where the court sat to remand her to June 29.

Mubaiwa is accused of trying to kill Chiwenga when he was hospitalised in South Africa.

Meanwhile, her divorce hearing has also been set for today, tomorrow and Thursday and will be presided over by High Court judge Justice Esther Muremba.

The VP filed for divorce in January 2019 and the matter has been postponed on several occasions.

Chiwenga complained that Mubaiwa had become a drug addict among other allegations, but Mubaiwa denied it, saying her husband approached the courts “with dirty hands”.

Mubaiwa refuted claims by her husband that their customary marriage was dissolved, adding that she was yet to get a divorce token from the Vice-President.

She is demanding US$40 000 for her monthly personal upkeep and
US$2 500 per month for her three children with Chiwenga.

According to court papers, Chiwenga had created a family trust named Chawasarira Family Trust and Mubaiwa pleaded that all assets belonging to, or registered in the name of Chiwenga as at June 5 2014 and thereafter accrued to the trust must be distributed to the beneficiaries in terms of the provisions of the deed of trust.

“Plaintiff, who has already purported to award himself custody of the children, is in contempt of the law and the pending action, and that he has come to court with dirty hands and ought not to be heard until he has purged his various contempt.”

She insisted that she was the lawful custodian of the children, adding that until Chiwenga restored custody to her in terms of the law, he would be in contempt of court.

Mubaiwa said the vehicles she was being denied access to were not acquired by him.

“Defendant further pleads that all monies used to acquire assets were availed by the plaintiff from some of his business partners and that the amnesia he has developed is part of the contrived criminal proceedings against her.”

She also denies that Chiwenga is the owner of their matrimonial home.

She also wants him to pay the education expenses for their children in the event that they go to university.

She also wants Chiwenga to pay for the children’s annual holidays, which include expensive international holidays per annum at a five star facility inclusive of spending money of not less than the equivalent of US$25 000, one fully expensed regional holiday per annum at a five star facility inclusive of spending money of not less than the equivalent of US$15 000 and one fully paid local holiday per annum and spending money of not less than $25 000 per person.

Mubaiwa wants Chiwenga to provide casual clothing for the children twice per year in June and December.

She said he is also responsible for the children’s medical expenses.

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