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Indosakusa junior stars on debut album



LEADER of award-winning gospel group, Indosakusa The Morning Star, Oscar Siziba has said their junior group Indosakusa Junior Stars has started working on their debut music album titled Impi Yomndeni.

Indosakusa The Morning Star unveiled its eight-member junior band as a back-up group due to demand as the principal outfit has penetrated the international market.

“We are working on completing the album titled Impi Yomndeni that  has two songs Umhlaba Uyahlaba and Impi Yomndeni to be released at the end of the month. The songs will also be accompanied by videos,” he said.

Siziba said one is a prayer song and the other talks about social issues that happen in the day to day life.

Umhlaba Uyahlaba speaks about the difficulties of this world nowadays, the situation is painful as if someone has been prickly by a thorn or has been put into boiling water, so it’s a prayer song appealing for mercy from the Creator,” he said.

“The song Impi Yomndeni speaks of a family war, it is all about brothers who are fighting for inheritance. As you know that each and every family has its own differences so at the end they fight especially more when their parents have passed away.”

Siziba said the junior’s group is different to the senior one as it has its own sound which they are easily identified with.

“Someone will easily differentiate these two groups, the Juniors got their own sound and harmony. They have also put some spices in their songs like using shakers (iwoso), whistle (impembe).

“Also  as you know Imbube groups usually use dances like indlamu ,isitshikitsha and ibhiza now the Juniors are coming with dances like ( ijukwa), war and animal dances,” he said.

Siziba said while they are still mentoring the juniors, their fans must look forward to a 12th album around October and a mega anniversary for their two decades in the music industry this year around September.”

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