Golden handshake for late Mutare town clerk



The Mutare City Council has resolved to give the city’s late town clerk Johua Maligwa’s family terminal benefits which include a low-density stand, commercial stand, industrial stand, and US$88 500 in place of a vehicle which was supposed to be bought for him.

Maligwa succumbed to COVID-19 on January 5 this year.

The resolution was made recently in the council chambers.

NewsDay is in possession of acting town clerk Antony Mutara’s report on Maligwa’s terminal benefits.

The report indicated that all heads of departments were consulted.

“The council pays for Mr Maligwa’s outstanding motor vehicle on pro rata basis to Mr Maligwa deceased estate a gross total of
US$88  500 (payable at interbank rate) subject to statutory deductions.

“Following the death of the town clerk on January 5, 2020, the beneficiary to the estate is entitled to receive terminal benefits.”

The resolution further read: “The other terminal benefits as per conditions of service were paid to the beneficiary, the outstanding low-density; commercial stand and industrial stand are to be allocated in the beneficiary’s name because the employee is deceased.

“The vehicle that was purchased for the town clerk as per circular number 6 of 2014 is a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with an estimated cost of US$118 000.

“According to the conditions of service for senior managers, council shall purchase a motor vehicle commensurate with the clerk status for business and reasonable personal use which shall be sold to him or her after five years at book value.

“Should the town clerk or HOD [head of department] resign or retire or mutually part ways with council after having served for three years or more but less than five years, council shall sell the vehicle to him or her at book level.”

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