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FORMER model and actress Charlene “Shizz” Katsa is set to launch Shizz Modelling Agency to assist Zimbabwe’s girl child pursue a modelling career.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Shizz who recently quit modelling to pursue acting, said she would use her experience to groom aspiring models.

“Shizz Modelling Agency will manoeuvre to bring diversity and inclusiveness into the pageantry sector.

“My dream is to groom passionate people encompassing all backgrounds as long as there is potential. Let it be known that modelling is not about appearance, but talent,” she said.

“Acting is a God-given talent for me and since my childhood I envisioned myself on the screen.

“As I pursue my acting career, I can feel there is so much I can impact in the coming generation of models.”

Shizz said the country’s modelling industry was work in progress.

“The modelling industry in Zimbabwe is constantly adapting to social and economic conditions in its search for sustainable growth.

“Funding, distribution and profitability of arts products remain sore points,” she said.

“Nevertheless, my vision is to equip the girl child with modelling skills so that they can use the knowledge and participate in global pageants.

“I want them to adapt to the evolving world, taking leadership roles as modelling teaches independence and confidence.

“This will not only benefit the models, but also communities where they come from.”

The former Miss Talent and Second Princess at Miss Zimbabwe/ Zambia (2016) said necessary measures should be taken to facilitate growth of modelling agencies.

“It seems there is not enough cash to run agencies in Zimbabwe.

“There should be provision of materials and venues from promoters where talent can be displayed and facilitate growth through workshops,” she said.

In 2013, Shizz was crowned the First Princess at Miss Summer and two years later she was crowned Miss Winter.

Shizz said she was passionate about taking modelling to another level, giving opportunities to all aspiring models.

“I want to do away with stereotypes that exist in the modelling industry. In my days I realised most of the models that were at the agencies I was in were typically slim girls.

“As a plus-size girl, I would feel out of place seeing that all the people around me looked in a certain way,” she said.

“I want to do away with barriers where those who look in a certain way fail to live their dreams by giving those aspiring to be models a place to call home. I always had a vision towards this and my dream is to teach modelling beyond walking down the ramp.”

She added: “I want to empower women to be responsible, giving back to the community, getting involved in youth empowerment programmes, and championing against sexual violence, issues of dressing and gender-based violence.”

Shizz, who features on a local drama series, Estate Blues, said she was living her dream in the film industry.

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