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Drug addict finds solace in music



RISING hip-hop singer Nyasha Michael Bhila (22), who has battled drug addiction for almost six years, has found solace in music.

Popularly known as Mycole Biller, Billa released a debut single titled Stay Focused that advocates against drug abuse.

The singer told NewsDay Life & Style that since he repented, he wanted to spread the message through music.

“Day-to-today happenings inspired me to release this single. Because of hardships, youths are resorting to drug abuse,” he said.

“What got me into drugs was peer pressure and being depressed most of the time, I then turned to drugs thinking that this was my escape to happiness,” he said.

Mycole Biller said youths should not find comfort in drugs.

“Being addicted to drugs had become my everyday lifestyle. I would skip school and spend the day taking drugs. This ruined my life,” he said.

Mycole Biller said more singles were on the way as he tries to keep himself occupied.

“If I am not at work, I am in the studio making music. I have decided to move away from drugs and I wish to start a programme that will help youths fight drug abuse,” he said.

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