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‘Decolonise minds, reclaim African identity’



LOCAL musician and comedian Mothusi Bashimane Ndlovu, popularly known as Madlela Skhobokhobo, has urged citizens to decolonise their minds and reclaim their “true African identity”.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style ahead of Africa Day, an annual commemoration of the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity on May 25 in 1963, Madlela Skhobokhobo said the day was special because it empowered African people and gave them a sense of belonging.

“Africa Day is very important to me, actually to everyone. To me, everyday is Africa Day, from my spirituality to my everyday life. I celebrate being proudly African,” he said.

“Africans have to adopt a similar lifestyle and reclaim its glory that was there before the white man came to Africa. We must never be ashamed of who we are, but be proud of what was passed on to us by our

Madlela Skhobokhobo  said women were bleaching their skins because they wanted to look white, under a false belief that black complexion is not beautiful enough.

“I see many young people want to sound American, some go as far as bleaching their skins which destroys the beautiful nature of being African,” he

“It was never a mistake that God created us the way we are, it’s actually a great blessing so we should embrace it,” he said, adding that he gave his fans an Africa Day gift last week when he released the song Umona.

“The song Umona is a call to everyone that let us be happy for our friends, families and neighbours who have achieved their goals, because tomorrow we would want them to celebrate with us if something good happens,” he said.

“Sometimes as people we are unable to celebrate each other’s success so on this special day, let us come together and celebrate Africa Day despite the challenges we are

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