Chigumira’s salvation release



CANADA-BASED Zimbabwean gospel singer minister Patience Chigumira may be unknown to many gospel music lovers yet, but she certainly is one rising artiste to look out for particularly for those into worship.

Having fallen in love with music at a tender age, singing at school and later in church, quite clearly, she was destined for a musical call.

Influenced by the understanding that God works in times and seasons, Chigumira in My Salvation says that assurance should help believers deal with temporary setbacks and frustrations with the knowledge that their season will certainly come even if it delays.

“I had my own battles that I was facing. My marriage broke down and my business was struggling. I just felt like I was in bondage. Reading the scripture of Israelites being delivered from Egypt helped me to connect it with my own personal life. I had a joy within me of, oh my God, I am delivered. God is my salvation and I just want to tell the world through music,” she said.

“That is exactly what the song My Salvation says, that sometimes we find ourselves bogged down by these things that we don’t even know how we got into them, but we are in them. And then the only way out is connecting with Jesus and knowing that Jesus died for you on the cross, and he has already made a way for you to get out of it. Sometimes the only way you can connect with that is through worship. That is how that song came to be.”

Chigumira, born into a Christian family with both her parents as pastors, said undergoing a course on worship ministry had helped in shaping her to be the musician she is today.

“I have always had a passion, love, and a desire to sing and to praise my God through music. I have grown from our practices, the worship that we do every Friday and Sunday. I had a nagging to say, why don’t you record? Get into the studio, see where that would go,” she said.

“When I decided to pursue pastoral ministry at the college and university level, while I was taking that programme, I took a course on worship ministry and that is what started to really pull on my heart to record and start on that level to get my testimony out there.”

A hairdresser by profession, Chigumira said her desire was for people to hear the word of God in the form of music.

“I feel like music helps you to connect to your emotion. There are some things that you cannot say, when you hear them in a song, it helps you to connect with God. It helps you to connect in your prayer,” she said.

“I want them to know that there is a way out of whatever it is they are going through. It does not matter how small or mundane or insignificant it might seem.

“It might be something as simple as, I want a new pair of shoes. And you just don’t know where you are going to get that pair of shoes from. When you tap into the word of God and you know that He provides for your every need, there is a strength that comes from that. And then you start to see yourself as victorious.”

Chigumira, who has other singles under her belt such as Makanaka, You are Holy and Ancient of Days, said she was working on another single titled You Alone are Holy.

“I am inspired by music that magnifies the greatness of God through the word and music, combining the two,” she said.

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