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Artistes launch anti-drug abuse campaign



DANCEHALL music chanter Tulani “Ricky Fire” Takavada and hip-hop musician Nigel “Triville Escobar” Chifamba have, through their latest offerings, added voices to the fight against abuse of the deadly drug crystal methamphetamine.

Popularly known as gukafella, ice or dombo in street lingo, the prohibited drug is a strong and highly addictive substance that affects the central nervous system.

It’s a popular party drug which users usually smoke with a small glass pipe, and they also swallow, sniff, or inject it into their veins.

Over 30% of young people are reportedly abusing crystal methamphetamine.

In their campaign against crystal methamphetamine abuse, Rick Fire released Hatisimbise Guka, while Triville Escobar dropped Hakuna Bhoo Yakadaro.

The Chitungwiza-bred Rick Fire told NewsDay Life & Style that his track, which he recorded on Cimplex Music’s latest riddim More Entertainment, encourages youths to shun the drug.

“Through our music, we are educating the youths not to take drugs. We say no to drugs. Mutoriro is killing our people. It is robbing our future. Stop taking guka ghetto youths,” he said.

Treville Escobar blamed unemployment for forcing the Zimbabwean youths into drugs.

“I am back with another song Hakuna Bhoo Yakadaro which has an accompanying video available on YouTube, which addresses the issue of drug abuse by the younger generation, particularly looking at the use of guka,” he said.

“The levels of unemployment in this country force them to indulge in drugs. Some dropped out of college because of the situation at home.”

Treville Escobar said he sold his music to try and help people trapped in the drug predicament.

“My previous track, Escobar, talks about my rapping name that is associated with people who sell drugs. However, most people with that name are not drug dealers. They will bear with me because of my music,” he said.

“The future of Zimbabwe has been robbed since youths believed to be leaders of tomorrow are affecting their lifespan due to drug abuse.

“It is just so pathetic. Serious counselling and rehabilitation is needed, above all youths need the promised jobs. The earlier the better to save lives.”

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