Which cryptocurrency exchange has the best features?


From the successful trillion-dollar bitcoin to the progressing Ethereum, any crypto you choose needs a credible cryptocurrency exchange. There are a number of reasons why you need a good cryptocurrency exchange but this article is not about that.

Being a novice or ditsy crypto trader, you might feel it a piece of cake to instantly settle upon any crypto exchange and start your crypto journey. But, there’s nothing more regretting than choosing the wrong cryptocurrency exchange and seeing your high-hopes surging down.

We won’t say it’s impossible to choose the best cryptocurrency exchange like Big Money Rush  but it’s definitely hard to choose one with the best features. With that said, let’s know what are the must-to-have features that you should not compromise on your cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Coin base

It will be very unfair to list any other crypto exchange than Coinbase in the first place. With the highest rating, maximum -satisfying customer reviews, and 5-star feedback, we can confidently call Coinbase the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform. Thousands of crypto traders from all over the world vouch about Coinbase’s excellent credibility.

Choosing Coinbase getting the best of what you’re promised. Not only in terms of offering the most competitive price but also it relieves you from every strain before, during, and after your crypto exchange.

  • Binance   

Binance has all the amazing features that you would want in your ideal bitcoin exchange. From being the ultra-popular one to trading between a wide array of cryptocurrencies, Binance ensures you the complete safety and security of your bitcoin. Its incredible customer feedback, overall reviews, and working mechanism are worth your every penny.

Choosing Binance simply means eliminating your risk of getting scammed or securing your money from giving into unsafe hands. Also, the ultimate best feature of Binance is its minimal withdrawal fees that are rare to find in other cryptocurrencies.

  • Bisq

Bisq is considered one of the best decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges in numerous crypto-rich countries. The best feature of Bisq is that it has its own Bisq network’s native cryptocurrency. It offers the least trading fees on exchanging bitcoin which is around 0.10% on the seller and 0.70% on the buyer.

Unlike Bisq, other bitcoin exchanges charge much higher without even giving security to your bitcoin. Moreover, Bisq offers approximately 30 payment options including credit card, debit card, Zelle, and many more. With a fast working system, easily accessible, affordable prices, and incredible customer service, there’s a long list of best features that Bisq offers.

  • Cex.io  

It is another excellent bitcoin exchange platform on the list that you can consider for the best features. Cex Io smoothens your process of buying and selling bitcoin without any hassles. Like Bisq, CEX. Io also offers a multitude of payment methods to accept payments for the bitcoin exchange.

One thing we liked the most about CEX.io is that it specifically takes care of the government regulations and latest updates about bitcoin use in different countries. This open-chain decentralized blockchain can trade many other cryptocurrencies accepting bitcoin with offering full data encryption on every coin.

  • Club swan  

Club swan has a never-adding list of perks to offer its customers but it only deals with high-value and popular cryptocurrencies. The online crypto exchange platform mainly deals with the activity of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether.

The feature that makes Club Swan unique from other cryptocurrency exchanges is that it offers a live view of your cryptocurrency exchange. With offering a secure crypto wallet, courteous 24/7 customer support, and ease with withdrawing from ATM internationals, Club swan becomes your ideal all-rounder cryptocurrency exchange.


Every mentioned cryptocurrency exchange has more than expected features that you would ultimately seek in any credible, and affordable cryptocurrency exchange. All of the exchanges are reputable and best to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency.