Rheam on All Come to Dust promotional drive



AWARD-WINNING Bulawayo-based author Bryony Rheam has embarked on a programme to promote her second novel, All Come to Dust, which will see her visiting a number of cities across the country.

This evening, Rheam unveils the novel at Kadoma library before taking it to Ela the Garden in Harare tomorrow.

She will wind up the programme on April 26 at Karen’s Kitchen in Mutare.

One of the directors of amaBooks, Brian Jones, said: “Bryony’s initiative in taking All Come to Dust to other places in Zimbabwe must be applauded as so often books in Zimbabwe only reach a limited audience.”

“Reaching out beyond our borders brings the book to the wider world and as well as the United Kingdom and the Arab world, we are in discussion with a publisher in the United States who has shown interest in the novel.”

In a statement, amaBooks said the novel had attracted the attention of publishers outside the country and in September, it would be selling in the United Kingdom.

“Al Arabi Publishers in Egypt are in the process of having the novel translated into Arabic so that it can be marketed in the Arab world. All Come to Dust is also available as an ebook.”

Rheam, a full-time teacher, has managed to complete her third novel, The Dying of the Light and an anthology of short stories, the latter to be published in the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe.

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