Mwonzora’s politics being driven by money


MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora’s appetite for money at the expense of politics of saving the people from the piercing jaws of Zanu PF will cost him dearly.

It is unfortunate that he is reading the Zimbabwean political book upside down and failing to decipher the political mood on the ground.

Most Zimbabweans now liken him to the late Bishop Abel Muzorewa, who turned out to be a real sellout during the Ian Smith regime.

What Mwonzora is failing to understand is that most ordinary Zimbabweans, who are prospective voters, are not constitutional gurus and all they want is a leader who is ready to take them to Canaan, the promised land.

They trust a leader who does not dance to the tune of their oppressor.

Zimbabweans know the kind of leader they want, and trying to force someone else on them will not work.

They have suffered a lot under the Zanu PF-led government and they are looking for a leader who will bring them out of economic woods and political morass.

Social media is even rejecting him. Mwonzora continues to make glaring blunders and recently, he voted for Constitutional Amendment Bill No 1, which mandated President Emmerson Mnangagwa to handpick his cronies for appointment as judges.

Mwonzora is one of the architects of the Constitution and advocated for the insertion of a provision for public interviews for judges.

He has traded strong politics of checks and balances for politics of the belly and bootlicking.

He wants to give unfettered Executive powers to Mnangagwa to interfere in the smooth running of the Judiciary. He is trying to please his masters.

For the love of money, Mwonzora has decided to abandon the people’s struggle for personal gains.

His attempt to meet the people of Kuwadzana last week hit a brickwall.

This shows that Mwonzora has a lot of work to do to regain public acceptance.

Only a few days ago, Mwonzora said he had a large following and questioned people what yardstick were they using to arrive at a conclusion that he had no followers.

Their tired trojan horse is failing to gain traction in the political ecosystem and that is why there is all this political grandstanding from the MDC-T leader.

The bridegroom is right at the doorstep, but the preparations to receive him are in shambles. Time is running out for this surrogate party to put its house in order.

Mwonzora is trying hard to push for a dialogue with Mnangagwa.

Inviting him to dialogue is like inviting a boozers football club to play a premiership game. There will be no competition at all.

Mwonzora is a shameless puppet who is being used to coerce MDC-T senators to vote with Zanu PF in the Senate in exchange for support in fighting the MDC Alliance.

While other countries like Kenya continue to progress in  far as recruitment of judges, including the chief justice, is concerned, Mwonzora is busy shredding the Constitution which he worked tirelessly to draft.

Leonard Koni