Music fans spur me on: Mahendere



CELEBRATED gospel musician Michael Mahendere has said his love for people kept him going when he felt like abandoning his musical career to focus on other business interests.

“There are times that I have felt like quitting music, especially when we did the SPOW project, the one with Ndinobuda Pakaoma, but what has kept me is the love that we have for the people. We are so confident that what we are doing is changing lives and it would be robbery to quit now,” he said.

Mahendere said although the music industry was growing, a lot needed to be done to preserve it for future generations.

“I feel that what we need to do to preserve the industry, even for future generations to use their gifts, is for them to know that they will be fully appreciated in terms of monetary incentives,” he said.

“People enjoy our works and for some, our music heals and comforts them but in order for musicians to properly play that role to the listeners, they also need to do it from a position of comfort and peace of mind.

“So there should be programmes that encourage our people to confidently express their talent without fear of whether the love for the passion will bring food on the table or not.”

Mahendere said he owed his success to the word of God imparted to him by his grandparents.

“The word of God says train up a child in the way he should grow and when he is old, he won’t depart from it. What Gogo and Sekuru Mahendere taught us as we were growing up still rings everyday in my heart and it has kept my path pure and straight,” he said.

He added: “Working with my brothers, who are geniuses when it comes to music, has shaped my career. My brothers’ knowledge spans from writing, singing to song production and having them above me and their teaching is something I am forever grateful for.”

The soft-spoken musician, who is riding high on his duet titled My Time which features Nigerian gospel singer Psalmist Jimmy D, said he was privileged to have worked with one of the best artistes in the region.

“It is always good to know what season you are operating in as an individual so that you don’t miss the mark. We are happy to have brought out a song that reminds people that their time is now,” he said.

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