Kariba town planner suspended



KARIBA town planner John Tapiwa Tetena has reportedly been suspended for alleged corruption.

Sources yesterday told NewsDay that Tetena allegedly illegally drew and approved a commercial extension plan of a local lodge (name supplied) without an approval fee, and without forwarding it to relevant signatories, including the town engineer.

According to council by-laws, commercial or residential plans must circulate to five people before it is finally approved by the town engineer.

Tetena allegedly did not follow the procedure.

When called for a comment, he denied reports that he had been suspended.

“There are some issues that are happening at work, but there is no solid decision on what is happening. There are investigations going on right now and I am reporting for duty as usual,” Tetena said.

Asked to further explain the nature of investigations, he said: “It’s now an issue of procedure. Every organisation has a procedure manual. Unfortunately, at the Municipality of Kariba, we do not have such a document that indicates the procedure which we must use when executing duties.”

Council spokesperson Gabriel Mazivofa said: “Please note that those are personal and sensitive issues that are not discussed in the media. They remain confidential between the employee and his employer which is council.”

Tetena joined the municipality as a town planner in 2019 after the departure of Panganai Marange, who is now with City of Masvingo.

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