IPD to contest by-elections


By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION Ideas Party of Democracy (IPD) says it is geared for the upcoming elections and will field candidates in all vacant National Assembly constituencies.

This was revealed by IPD’s South Africa-based Herbert Chamuka in an interview yesterday.

Chamuka said the party has already selected candidates in all constituencies which fell vacant following the expulsion from the National Assembly of dozens of MDC Alliance Members of Parliament (MPs) over the past two years.

Chamuka’s sentiments come after President Mnangagwa’s recently hinted that elections to replace the legislators, which have been put on ice because of Covid-19 restrictions, would be held soon.

He also indicated that government was putting in place modalities to ensure the polls are held safely.

“Our candidates are ready to contest for those seats. Our message today is that in these by elections, people must open their eyes and elect MPs who are going to truly represent them. We want our MPs to be easily accessible to the electorate, not the current situation whereby we have MPs who are far removed from the people. Once they win, they go away and live lavish lives only to return once the next election comes up. In ST Mary’s for example, we are fielding Juliet Mashonganyika who is ordinarily a resident there and would listen to the people’s needs..,” Chamuka said.

Chamuka also urged Mnangagwa to proclaim election dates saying: “We are more than ready to participate.”

“We want to encourage government to ensure that by elections are held soon because those seats are still vacant and the people have got no representation. Government must ensure that these elections are held. In this digital world, there are many ways in which voting can be done, so there is really no need to hide behind covid-19 to prevent these elections from going ahead.

IPD serectary for administration Joyce Sibanda weighed in saying: “We are worried about the water situation in St Mary’s and we have plans to drill boreholes as well as regulirasation of housing projects so that people will not lose their properties and this is going to be our moto in all parts of the country.”