Daily Lotto – What it is and how to play



The Daily Lotto is a fairly new lottery in South Africa which saw its first draw on Sunday, March 10, 2019. The lotto was introduced by South Africa’s National Lottery operator, Ithuba and it can be described as a unique game amidst the choice of games that the operator offers.

The jackpot is set to be won in every draw and there are four different ways in which players can win prizes.

How it works

To play the Daily Lotto, players must select five numbers ranging from 1 to 36. Draws take place daily at 21h00 South Africa Standard Time (SAST) and tickets must be purchased before the cut-off time at 20h30.

It costs players R3.00 per play and players can enter up to ten consecutive draws in advance. Players can purchase their tickets either in-store or online.


  • Players can obtain a betslip from any store which offers lottery games.
  • Players can then choose their five numbers between 1 and 36, or select the option for a quick pick, in which the machine randomly selects the numbers.
  • Players can then decide how many boards they want to play followed by how many consecutive draws they wish to enter, up to a maximum of ten. Players can leave it blank should they only want to enter a single draw.
  • Lastly, players can take their betslip to the teller, pay for their ticket, and wait for the draw to take place.
  • In addition, players must remember to enter their details on the back of their ticket should they need to claim a prize and ensure that they sign their ticket and keep it safe.

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  • In order to purchase a ticket online, players must set up a lottery account with a chosen provider on their website and make a deposit so that they can pay for their tickets.
  • They can select the Daily Lotto from the website and choose five numbers from 1 to 36 or select the quick pick option to generate a random set.
  • This can be repeated on multiple boards and players can select whether they want to enter a single draw or multiple draws, up to a maximum of ten.
  • After having selected the numbers, the player can confirm their ticket and the payment will be subtracted from the balance in their account with the provider.
  • Should players have won a prize, they will be contacted through the contact method and details that they provided.

One advantage with playing online is that players do not have to worry about losing their ticket or their ticket being stolen, and the prize claimed by another person. Numbers chosen are saved to the player’s online lottery account.

In addition, players do not have to wait to view the results of the draw and they will be notified should they have won a prize. Prize claiming is also a lot more convenient with an online lottery ticket purchase and prizes are paid to the player directly.

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