Al-Ahly – The best African football club ever


Al-Ahly – The best African football club ever

Talking about the best football club ever, names like Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan or Bayern Munich are top of mind. The European clubs are for sure the most loved and followed teams all around the world, thanks to players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or former football stars like David Beckham and Luis Nazario Ronaldo. Real Madrid is at the moment the football team that has won the most international trophies in football history, but looking closer at the world rankings given by Zimbabwe Football News we can incredibly notice that in second place we can find an African football club. 

Yes, you read it right: the second most successful team in international football history is Al-Ahly Sporting Club. Al-Ahly is indeed the most winning football team in Egypt and its statistics are absolutely amazing. The main football club of Cairo is without any doubt the best African club ever.

In this article we will talk about Al-Ahly’s history, trophies and statistics. It is hard to believe that an African football team leads the international ranking for the most winning club in history. Better than AC Milan, Barcelona or Liverpool, Al-Ahly S.C. is not only the best African football club ever, but also one of the most winning clubs ever in the world. 

Al-Ahly’s history – The best African football club ever

The history of Al-Ahly starts in Cairo, Egypt, in 1907. The Egyptian club still has its home stadium in Egypt’s capital, playing at the main International Stadium. Every match is completely packed: statistics say that 7 out of 10 Egyptian football fans support Al-Ahly. If we look widely at the international scene, more than 50 million Egyptian fans all over the world follow and support Al-Ahly. This data makes Al-Ahly not only the most winning football club in Africa, but also the most followed and loved by fans all around the world, especially by Egyptians living abroad. 

The Egyptian football club holds several records in the African continent: Al-Ahly has won the Egyptian Championship 42 times (Al-Ahly has won the national championship again last year), Egyptian Cup 37 times and the Egyptian Super Cup 11 times.


Al-Ahly – Its international career among the best clubs in the world

Al-Ahly is without any doubt the most successful African team of all time and its trophies speaks for itself. Al-Ahly is literally a giant as regards football in the African continent: 9 CAF Champions League (the most important African trophy), 4 African Cup Winners’ Cup (record, again) and 1 Cup of CAF Confederations. 

Al-Ahly is the most present CAF team in regards to the FIFA Clubs’ World Cup, playing 6 different editions of the trophy. Taking into account the cups that have now been abolished, the Al-Ahly has also won 1 Afro / Asian Club Championship, 6 CAF Supercups (record), 1 Arab Champions League, 2 Arab Supercups, 1 Arab Cup Winners’ Cup. Al-Ahly ‘s best placement at the FIFA Club’s World Cup is the third place in 2006 and 2020.

For a long time Al-Ahly has been the most international winning club in football history, until 2016 when Real Madrid overpassed it, thanks to their top players performances, leading to three Champions League victories in a row.