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5 Creative Ways To Get More Views On Youtube Shorts


YouTube shorts is a new feature that lets creators upload vertical videos of 15 second or less and add special Instagram Reels like effects on them. YouTube Shorts is currently in Beta and is only available on YouTube apps in India and USA (at the time of writing this article). Eligible creators can access the shorts camera from the YouTube app but others can also make use of this feature by recording a less than 60 seconds video and adding #Shorts to its title.

Now that you know a little about YouTube shorts, you must be wondering about ways to get more views on YouTube shorts. But it’s not as easy as it sounds because of its limited availability. So to make your work a little easier, here are some ways through which you can get more views on your YouTube shorts.

●     Understand your audience

Before creating YouTube shorts it’s important to know what’s your target audience and what type of content they like to watch. There are a number of ways through which you can understand your audience and know what they expect from your videos. Some of the best ways are:

  • Analyse which videos have the most views on your channel and create shorts similar to that.
  • Read the comment section and messages to know what your viewers think about your content.
  • You can ask other YouTubers or study their YouTube shorts but remember to ask someone who has the same niche as you.
  • Make use of numerous analytical tools present online to get a better idea of your target audience. Some of them are free so you won’t be spending a single penny.
  • You can use live sessions and online forums to get in touch with your audience and get their opinions.

Once you are done with the research part, you can start creating YouTube shorts according to the information you gained.

●     Research video tags and keywords

Video tags and keywords play an important role in increasing the number of views on your YouTube shorts by making it more discoverable. They help Google and YouTube’s search algorithm to know which category(s) your video belongs to. So it’s better to do a little research before posting your YouTube shorts ensuring higher reach and more views, comments, likes and subscribers. You can make use of the numerous keywords and video tags research tools available on the market to get the best ones for your YouTube shorts. Once you have found appropriate tags and keywords try squeezing them in your video description as well as your video title to increase its search rank, thus making it easy to discover.

●     Write catchy YouTube shorts title

YouTube shorts doesn’t support thumbnails as of writing this article which makes the video title a very important deciding factor whether someone will watch your video or not. YouTube algorithm chooses the best videos depending on a lot of SEO factors and your video title is a major one. Some of the best ways to optimize your video title are:

  • Research keywords and use them in your video title.
  • Use numbers in your video to increase its searchability.
  • Title should be brief (up to 100 characters) while also explaining your video.
  • If the video describes a process then start your title with “How To”.
  • Use catchy words like Amazing, Wow, Yummy, etc to increase the SEO rank of your video.

●     Collaborate with other creators

Collaboration is one of the easiest and fastest ways to gain views on your YouTube shorts videos. Collaborating with someone will introduce you to your partner’s viewers and vice versa. You can start by collaborating with creators who have a similar niche to grab attention of a much wider audience. Once you become popular you can even collaborate with brands which might lead to a sponsorship from that brand resulting in more views as well as less expenditure on your future videos. Many creators and brands are looking for opportunities to collaborate, so all you need to do is approach them! You can start your collaboration journey by requesting other creators to collaborate but make sure they target the same audience as you or it might not make a difference.

●     Add texts, music and sound to your YouTube shorts

YouTube provides you with the ability to add texts, music and sound to your YouTube shorts to make it more entertaining and eye-catching adding up to more views. Here are some tips on how to use texts, music and sound:

  • Using trending music can turn even boring videos into entertaining ones.
  • Adding text to your YouTube shorts will give your video a personal touch and you can use it to share some message among all your viewers.
  • Adding sounds properly can significantly boost your viewer count by making your YouTube shorts video much more interesting to watch.

If you use texts, sounds and music properly in your Shorts video you might be able to turn an average video into a trending sensation with millions of views! So start experimenting with them to reach new milestones in terms of viewer count.

Now that you know some ways to get more views, it’s time you start implementing them on your YouTube shorts. Comment down below to let us know what worked the best for you!

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