VP Mohadi resigns

Vice President Kembo Mohadi has resigned.

Kembo Mohadi becomes the first vice president to resign in the history of Zimbabwe.

Mohadi’s resignation came after allegations that he was involved in illicit relationships with married women, including his subordinate went viral on social media. Last week Mohadi held a press conference denying the allegations saying it was a set up by his political detractors who peddled lies against him.

Recorded phone calls alleged to be between Mohadi and the alleged lovers, went viral on social media, inciting social criticism against the Vice-President with other quarters calling for his resignation.

“Following the recurring dis-information and virilisation of my alleged immoral unions, dispensed through awkward slacktivism, I am stepping down as the Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe in terms of Section 96 (2) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe (NO.20) Act, 2013 with immediate effect.”

“My decision to relinquish the Vice President post is also a way of respecting the citizens of this Great Nation, and my Party Comrades, some of whom would have been affected by the falsehoods and character assassination in the digital ecosystem,” Mohadi said in a statement

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