‘Rhumba doesn’t fade away’


RHUMBA star Martin Sibanda of Ndolwane Super Sounds believes his music still appeals to a large section of society despite the mushrooming of other genres.

Sibanda made the remarks in an interview with NewsDay Life & Style ahead of the release of his third solo six-track album, Uyavuma, tomorrow.

The album will be launched on March 27 at the Hillbrow Theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“I have something nice for my fans and they should have highexpectations. I am now here, I was busy farming … Now it’s high time that I hit back … bengicela libelivula ispace (may they make space for me) because The Big Boss is there to take his place,” he said.

Uyavuma is an album that has six tracks plus a bonus song, which makes it seven. It expresses a lot of untold emotions and wisdom. A lot of people still love this genre and my music. Actually the fan base is still loyal to our music and more people are still following it.”

Sibanda said his fans should put their dancing shoes on as he promised an exhilarating album.

“I will launch the album in South Africa and due to COVID-19 restrictions in Zimbabwe, I cannot tell when it is going to be launched here, but if things go back to normal, I will definitely also launch it,” he said.

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