Mohadi resignation won’t change status quo

I CONCUR with the view that the appointment or removal of a vice-presidents is not a matter of national importance.

Such matters are Zanu PF internal processes which have very little, if any, to do with the running  of the affairs of the country.

The country will continue to be run the Zanu PF way despite whoever assumes the post left by Kembo Mohadi.

This has been demonstrated many times before.

In most of them, nothing really changed other than the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo’s appointment which stopped the massacres that were talking place im Matabeleleand and Midlands provinces and restored peace in the southern region in the post-Gukurahundi era.

Results of English Premier League matches have more impact here than the appointment of a vice-president despite that  both are indeed sideshows  given our daily hassles as ordinary patriots.

Ben Manyenyeni

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