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How to Buy Cryptocurrency in Africa?


With every passing day, cryptocurrency is expanding its territory and potential to be widely recognized as the future of currency soon. Today, we have more than 2000 different cryptocurrencies being highly esteemed and used in nearly 74 countries to help people with their day-day transactions effectively.

However, it is no more news that Africa today comes in the countries with the largest cryptocurrency user-base globally. With that said, Africans who were once known to deeply dwell in poverty and debts today use the most advanced, safe, and profitable digital currency with being operated in more than 140 countries globally.

Recently, Electroneum – the fourth largest cryptocurrency has introduced its helpful electricity top-ups in four renowned countries in Africa. Not only is this but cryptocurrency already planning to launch many other useful privileges for Africans with huge profits.

This growing popularity of cryptocurrency among African countries has influenced several different investors to use digital currency for all their uses. With the increasing interest of Africans in IT, they are constantly exploring ways to make themselves digitally advanced with benefitting from the largest lucrative asset today.

With that, buying and selling cryptocurrency in Africa has always been a matter of concern because of the legal issues and interference of the government. Therefore, here are three effective and successful cryptocurrency exchanges that ensure effective results in every scenario.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Africa

  • Yellow card 

Yellow cards are one of the most popular and commonly used cryptocurrency exchanges today. It is widely operated in Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, and many other parts of Africa. Not only it offers multiple payment options but also ensures complete security and easy use of the exchange system.

With instant transactions, competitive rates, and low fees; Yellow card exchange should be your go-to option if you are looking for a simple, quick, and hassle-free crypto exchange in Africa.

  • Bitpesa 

The next one we have on the list is Bitpesa that is a Bitcoin remittance platform, effective to trade bitcoin globally. Bitcoin is comparatively a very volatile, sensitive yet lucrative cryptocurrency and trading it is not simple. Only reliable platforms like BitQH and Bitpesa should be trusted to play safe with your hard-earned bitcoin.

Bitpesa has a wide presence today in Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda with offering an easy to use speedy exchange system. The exchange fees vary as per the cryptocurrency you’re looking forward to trade.

  • Luna

With Bitcoin being a highly profitable cryptocurrency that has more than thousands of users, Luna is another bitcoin exchange platform that has an extremely safe and secure exchange system expanded in Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

To offer ease with trading globally, Luna also allows free deposits and low withdrawal fees depending on fiat currency. They also offer the option to reduce or eliminate the fees in case the seller takes time to start the process. For huge payments, Luna offers a special incentive of Instant Buy Feature that includes trading high-value cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • Naira EX

With resembling the name of Nigeria’s national currency, Naira EX is considered as one of the largest cryptocurrencies operated in Nigeria. Like Bitpesa, Naira EX also offers multiple payment methods to buy and sell as many cryptocurrencies as you want.

Not only Naira EX doesn’t involve any hassle and complication during the process but also offers perks like bitcoin trading either through Bank transfer or bank deposit.

However, this widely used cryptocurrency in Nigeria also works excellent with flat currency that is globally acceptable. They also offer affordable fees with no additional costs. However, Naira EX decides the fees depending on the asset you’re trading.


However, trading cryptocurrency is illegal in some parts of Africa, it causes a lot of hassle if chosen wrong or any useless exchange service. The options we have mentioned are not only best for you but have also been tried and tested numerous times. Furthermore, try to do your research before settling on any crypto exchanges that you don’t regret afterward.

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