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Zanu PF’s push for Chamisa to join Polad a nullity



YOUR Excellency, President ED Mnangagwa.

In my self-opinionated response to a recent media report where Zanu PF secretary for administration Obert Mpofu said MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa should work with the former liberation movement and obscure irrelevant political formations, without mandate from the people of Zimbabwe to negotiate a political settlement in the interest of the country, and its long-suffering citizens, I say that is a waste of time and a nullity.

In the first place the animal called Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) was created as a safety net to serve the political interests of corrupt Zanu PF cadres, in case of any moves by the international community to resolve the Zimbabwean political question diplomatically or by force.

Once Chamisa and his MDC Alliance accept the invitation to join Polad, that would be the end of MDC Alliance.

His Excellency, I need not further remind you that Polad is composed of political opportunists and actors who have failed dismally in the rough Zimbabwean political terrain, and to join them would be equivalent to being put in a cage or net first, before being asked to wrestle against an opponent.

Chamisa and his MDC Alliance are a formidable opposition political cyclone that has caused Your Excellency’s Zanu PF government sleepless nights, to an extent of resorting to extra-judicial arrests and illegal detention of any dissenting opposition voices, including

Any slip up by Zanu PF on the political arena will results in it being swept into oblivion by the MDC Alliance political juggernaut led by the young, energetic, strategic, visionary, well-educated, eloquent, rabble rouser, calculative God-fearing advocate Chamisa.

Zanu PF must work 24 hours a day and seven days-a-week if it is to entertain any hopes of remaining in power beyond 2023.

The out-of-sorts ruling party is going to receive its strongest electric shock in its 68 years of existence, dominion, corruption and dictatorship in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean electorate is now fed up with Zanu PF’s electoral shenanigans and everyone now knows the dirty tactics it uses to remain in power.

Zanu PF uses divide and rule tactics in its quest to annihilate Chamisa’s MDC Alliance, it used financial muscle and partially succeeded to lure a few misguided corrupt MDC Alliance Members of Parliament, senators to join Douglas Mwonzora and Thokozani Khupe’s Supreme Court-created MDC-T, which is a nonentity.

The idea was to lure all the MDC Alliance elected MPs, senators, councillors and proportional representation members to join the Supreme Court-created MDC-T using money.

Your Excellency, we all know that he next move was to bring the MDC-T into a cage called Polad then form a power-sharing government, where the puppet MDC-T leadership would be rewarded for selling out with five or eight ministerial posts.

The 2023 election was going to be suspended until 2028 to allow the so-called healing process.

Then a strong team of negotiators full of lawyers, doctors, professors, scientists, intelligence operatives and the military would be dispatched to the United Nations, European Union, the United States, Asia, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Paris Club, you name it, with the gospel of political reforms and government of national unity in Zimbabwe.

Lobbyists were also going to be hired for millions of US dollars to assist in the constructive engagement and diplomatic offensive, to lure the whole international community into re-engaging with the new dispensation in Zimbabwe.

Then lastly, the United States government was to be persuaded to repeal and revoke the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act and lift sanctions immediately. The grand plan was to destroy and make opposition politics in Zimbabwe irrelevant.

As per your plan, Mwonzora and his team of Zanu PF aligned churches are already purporting to be fighting very hard to create an enabling political environment for negotiations to start with Chamisa included.

Your Excellency, I don’t doubt that this is a well-calculted, choreographed and stage-managed move that is meant to swallow and annihilate the MDC Alliance into oblivion.

Zanu PF leadership has got an insatiable appetite for retaining power forever, after creating a one-party State.

Your Excellency, if Zanu PF is serious about power sharing talks, let it engage the only legitimate and genuine opposition political party in Zimbabwe under the leadership of Chamisa.

If there is any other group of political actors who won seats in Parliament, they can also be invited to the talks on the strength of the number of parliamentary seats they won.

Failure to produce those seats means they don’t qualify. That beast called Polad is a complete waste of time, a nullity.

Some irrelevant political actors want to create relevance through the legal backdoor, never, over our dead bodies at MDC Alliance.

Zimbabweans and us shall remain very alert to all these machinations and scheming by our political enemies.

  • Paddington Japajapa is an evangelist and teacher of God’s word with a local pentecostal church. He writes here in his personal capacity

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