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Why Migrate your Email to Exchange Online?


Three Important Advantages of Exchange Online, and the answer to Why Move Your Email to the Cloud?

  • Security
  • Cost
  • Functionality

The current scenario of Emails

If your business is still working with a free email service or service based on On-Premises, it is time to consider migrating your work to the cloud. Before discussing the advantages of Exchange Online, it is essential to look at the way you are using email currently.

If you are using a free email providing service like Gmail, you are likely to face problems and complications that occur by using a personal email service in a business structure.

This can result in not being given importance by partners or clients, to not having real and identifiable addresses. No one wants to interact with an email address filled with many number streams underscores and all that makes your email look unique, but that is an unfortunate truth about free email services. Free personal email accounts face strict restrictions within a business structure.

If you do have a customized email service that is running on-Premises, you are going into a range of limitations. As you get full control of your email server, you become responsible for the handling, maintenance, repair, improvements, and necessary updates. Apart from these costs, you also have the security expenses for emails and data which you use. As threats to data security grow more complicated and extensive. Hence, the cost of securing your server will only keep growing.


The Cloud: Exchange Online

Fortunately, there is an answer. Migrating emails to the cloud.

Cloud computing a remedy for all a business’s IT troubles. While that is not an exact characterization, cloud computing continues to be an incredibly important tool, particularly for email. Migrating your emails to a cloud service such as Microsoft’s Exchange Online brings rigid, tangible advantages in security, cost, and functionality.



Possibly the most important advantage that Exchange Online will make to your business is its incredible security. Microsoft Office 365 Secure Productive Enterprise brings together a vibrant suite of important business applications with mobility, collaboration, and intelligence – covered around trust, security, identity, and compliance.

Exchange Online’s strong data security assures that your emails are more protected within Microsoft’s protected cloud as compared to your server. Any struggles to secure your emails to Microsoft’s level are trivial. As Microsoft spends billions to regularly innovate and improvise on their security. Exchange Mailbox Migration makes sense for your enterprise, irrespective of the industry.



Ultimately, migrating to Exchange Online can save your business on expenses as well. Email servers are huge infrastructure projects requiring routine maintenance and repairs. There are server maintenance and replacement, along with the simple utility expenses in managing your servers to keep them up and running.

Migrating to Exchange Online stops all that. Alternatively, for the cost of a subscription, all of your server related problems are resolved for you.

No more late-night memory replacements, or installing new servers, updates, or maintenance. Rather, all of the expenses of hosting the server and securing are covered by Exchange Online. Overhead costs are decreased drastically, and when it comes to Exchange Online’s strong disaster recovery services, the savings in expense are unbelievable.


One of the most prominent advantages will be enhanced functionality. When it comes to simplicity and being user-friendly, Exchange Online cannot be compared to other email systems. Exchange Online provides fast, automated, and helpful email controls. Exchange Online also has smart lookups that enable you to quickly search and place emails in your system. Searches are made by author, keyword, or date, enabling fast and accurate search results.

With these intuitive searches, Exchange Online maintains a strong spam filter. While personal emails and other systems can suddenly crumble with unsafe spam and junk emails, Exchange Online’s spam filter makes sure that only genuine emails will go to your inbox. Along with eliminating junk mail, Exchange Online also actively marks dangerous viruses and malware.

The different side of Exchange Online’s functionality is its accessibility and availability. Exchange Online is accessible on mobile and tablets and at the same time being fully connected to Microsoft’s cloud service. Basically, wherever you have internet, you will have available access to your emails and team chats too especially if you`re using Microsoft Teams. If you are worried about up-time when it comes to Microsoft, they make sure that you can rest easy. The up-time rates of Microsoft’s Exchange Online are consistently above 99.9%.


Exchange Online and Your Email Service

If your email is still hosted On-Premises, it is time to migrate to the cloud. The increased security, the reductions in costs improvements in functionality are too good to turn down. For the cost of migrating to the cloud, you will gain back returns in money, time, and mental energy. No longer need to delete old emails for storage space, worrying about your email security, or trying to force an email service to work On-Premises.

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