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Why is Bitcoin Referred to as Pure Digital Gold?


It is no secret that gold – the traditional asset of every era has been ruling the world for years. From investors to households; gold is something that we can trust with our eyes closed because it can generate high sums of money overnight.


Winning over gold is still the ultimate wish of every asset that has come in the trend until now. The relationship between gold and bitcoin is pretty interesting as they play nearly the same role to ease people with incredible perks.


Not only gold and bitcoin work as a valuable medium of exchange and a store of value but also a life-changing source of income. In August 2011, the gold surged up to the price of $1,900 whereas bitcoin touched the peak in January with a price of $33,000 – which is huge.


Despite being the highly volatile assets of all-time; both have countless investors and enthusiasts around the globe. However, the notion of considering bitcoin as pure digital gold may be a valuable thought to think of.

Why Do People Believe in Bitcoin as Gold?


  • The price of gold and bitcoin never remains steady and may go high and low according to the market trends.
  • Gold and bitcoin are two independent currencies that are free from any government or bank.
  • Interest rates are extremely high for both the assets that may serve as the reason to shift from one to another.
  • Bitcoin has security to some extent but gold being a materialistic asset can be stored or secured into lockers or saves.
  • With having decades of experience in the market, gold and bitcoin have acquired a noble position when it comes to reliable assets.
  • As already discussed, the risk for both the assets undoubtedly makes them a major attribute of all-time.
  • As per Satoshi Nakomoto – creator of Bitcoin, it can be passed from one account to another and you can still generate money from it in the long-run.


The growing block network of bitcoin and gold goes hand in hand and online payments with fair transactional expenses.


In the light of all the above-mentioned statements, referring to bitcoin as gold will not be wrong because both possess similar attributes and work on comparable mechanisms. The currency of bitcoin and gold can be divided into the equal unit of accounts as Satoshi for Bitcoin that makes it up to 1/100,000,000 bitcoin. Whereas gold can be divided into grams and accordingly measured.

Is It a Good Option to Invest in Bitcoin or Gold?

There is no secret that both the assets hold massive profits when prices go up. Investing in gold and bitcoin has always been considered a wise option when you’re looking for a credible, safe, trustworthy, and highly-lucrative asset. They can serve as great assistance when countries face intense economic turmoil or want to have something for their bad-times.


The intrinsic values of gold and bitcoin intrigue many market skeptics or platforms like crypto engine official website to predict its behavior in the future. This can be a major aid for an investor or a novice trader to settle on the deals in the light of current stock market trends, statistics, and different value charts.


However, there’s still no surety if the money you’re investing in these two assets will make huge profits for you. The high financial uncertainty makes every investor think if bitcoin can be referred to as pure digital gold or not.


However, make sure you don’t get too impulsive and invest all your money into one asset. Instead, you should diversify your investments and make the best out of your every investment regardless of the value it holds.

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